Ho Down Friday

This set was played in the woods in Lake County, CA. It was a little party with a cool crew.

  1. Morning Caffeine (Main Mix) - Martin Landsky
  2. Transparency (Alternative mix) - Victor Reid
  3. Sleazy Pancakes - Original - J Phlip
  4. Don’t Go Away (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) - LouLou Players, Kolombo
  5. The Grid - My Nu leng
  6. Anubis (Original Mix) - Pleasurekraft
  7. Blame (Tom Budden’s Alive remix) - James Zabiela
  8. Ginger Ale - Oliver $
  9. Groove Is In The Heart (Gigamesh Remix) - Deee Lite
  10. Domination - Harry Axt
  11. Pusteblume - Howard and Stereo Remix - Jaques Raupe
  12. Myke Smith Tremolo Ticon Remix - Paul Thomas
  13. Harm Orig - Alistair Albrecht
  14. Room 414 (Can’t Get Away) (Tube And Berger Remix) - Tomcraft
  15. Carny (Original Mix) - Pleasurekraft
  16. Doomsday (Bowski remix) - Disco Of Doom
  17. Die Magische Tijd (Original Mix) - Roger Martinez
  18. Sweet Dreams (original mix) - The Remix Cartell
  19. Shadow Boxer (Original Mix) - Dave Spritz
  20. Disco bitch ( Daniel Portman Remix ) - Stanley Ross
  21. Satyr Song (Original Mix) - Pleasurekraft
  22. Rock The Night (Feat. Hellsongs) - Andri
  23. Adriatique Deep In The Three - Thyladomid
  24. Riding With Death - Zomby
  25. This Time Feat. Kuss (Original Mix) - Douglas Greed
  26. Chalk Farm (James Harcourt Remix) - Kini Rao



Adobe at 30

Here is some deep house and electro swing. This set is from Mist in San Francisco for Adobe’s 30th anniversary. Sorry, no playlist.




iOS Gradent with Transparency

Developing for iOS has been a blast thus far; its a nice break from Flex and Air. The syntax was a serious hurtle at first but thankfully I am over that now. It is not uncommon for me to receive designs that contain several layers just to pull off a header bar or button skin. That was the case last week when I received a design that had a header bar that was made up of two parts. A background that had an alpha and an additional layer that was an gradient with transparency. I searched far and wide but couldn’t find any iOS examples of gradients with transparency. The lack of examples and my relatively fresh knowledge of Obj-C lead me to creating my own class.


You can see examples and more explanation in the Full article… link below.


Full article...


Image Loader for the iOS simulators

As you know, when working on iOS apps, you spend a considerable amount of time in the simulator. If your project deals with the Cameral Roll, you will find that the simulator doesn’t have any images in it. In the past I have done all my development on a device. This was slow and inefficient. I wrote a simple little app to populate the Camera Roll of the iPhone and iPad simulators.

There are complete instructions in the Full article… link below.


Happy Coding!

Full article...


What fonts are available in iOS?

If you are like me, you are getting tired of using System Font and System Font Bold in your iOS apps. The other day I saw the familyNames field on the UIFont class. It returns an NSArray so I decided to dump the contents to the terminal. Click ‘Full Article…’ to see the complete list. I was really happy to see Helvetica Neue in the lineup.

myLabel [UILabel new];
myLabel.frame CGRectMake(0,0300100);
myLabel.font [UIFont fontWithName:@"Baskerville" size:12]

Happy coding!

Full article...

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