Sunrise Coffee Day Two

For several years now the Sunrise Coffee Camp has been across the street from the Duckpond at Burningman. This year I decided to spin some sets for their early morning enjoyment. This set got cut short do to some technical difficulties, but I figured I would share anyway. Enjoy.



Nullable Boolean

Strange I find myself writing about the primative, Boolean. Its a primative, why would you ask any more of it? As it stands, the Boolean has two states; true and false. On more than one accasion I have needed boolean to support one more value; null. Lets suppose you have a form and you want users to complete it. If the user has not answered a true / false question, null is a valid value. You can not suppose that unaswered questions are false. Let me present to you the NullableBoolean. Instead of using the variable name to compare against, you use the ‘value’ field. By adding a ‘value’ field I am able to make the object answer true / false / null. Please see the full article for the source code and example usage.

Happy Coding

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Dragging and Dropping new windows from an AIR application

Drag and drop new windows from an AIR application.

Recently I was tasked with writing an AIR application that had tear-off windows. The more I tried to use the DragManager and the NativeDragManager, the more frustrated I became. For the reasons outlined below, I was forced to come up with a custom dragging solution to get the proper tear-off behavior.

Adobe’s AIR and Flex support drag-and-drop through the use of two drag drop managers; the DragManager (supported in Flex and AIR) and the NativeDragManager (supported in AIR). What isn’t well documented is the various flavors of drag-and-drop these managers can enable. I am going to discuss three of those flavors. The first and most common is intra-application drag and drop - this method can be used in Flex and AIR. The next two methods are AIR-only: IO-based and tear-off.

This sample AIR app demonstrates each of the three behaviors.

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Cairngorm - 4 Delegates and the ServiceLocator

In the previous tutorial we covered how the FrontController and its mappings to Command  classes allow applications to encapsulate discreet tasks in one place. Building upon that theory we are going to explore two major concepts in this tutorial. The first is the use of a delegate which employs a ServiceLocator and a dataservice. The second major concept to be covered is the extension of our Command classes to implement Iresponder.

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Cairngorm - 3 Commands

In the previous tutorial we covered CairngormEvents. With their Publish/Subscribe model event dispatchers, we were able to communicate directly with event handlers (more or less). In this tutorial, we are going to build upon how Cairngorm handles events. As in the last tutorial, we will be using the CairngormEventDispatcher to dispatch events. We are still free to use the Cairngorm EventDispatcher to listen to events, but this time we won’t. Cairngorm provides the FrontController to map specific events to specific Command classes. As we did before, we are able to assign multiple handlers to a single event.

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