Happy Hour At 800 Larkin

This was a fun night playing at 800 Larkin in San Francisco. Enjoy

  1. I remember - Deadmau5 & Kaskade
  2. Sofa King (Mark Mendes’ Starter Remix) - John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto
  3. Agua Ardiente - Christian Malloni
  4. R.Y.A.N.L. (Pleasurekraft Remix) - Sander Kleinenberg
  5. Sweet Dreams (Avicii Swede Dreams Mix) - Avicii
  6. The King of Pop - DJ Flave
  7. Somebody To Love (Moonbootica Remix) - Boogie Pimps
  8. Carny - Pleasurekraft
  9. Sex Sax (Bart B More Remix) - Drop The Lime
  10. Brazilian Beat - Biskvit
  11. Body Language (Samples Remix) - Booka Shade


Deep Grooves on a Tues

Just a Tuesday night at Mars…
It was my 2nd night out with the new S4 and putting her through her paces. This set is deep and groovy.





This set is borderline ambient. There are enough beats to keep it interesting and enough quite to keep you wanting more. Enjoy

  1. Inidimman - Martin Jarl feat. Jon Ericsson
  2. Hymnal AYA (Featuring Rigzin) - Random Rab
  3. Megamix - Tranquility Bass
  4. Prophetic Sines - Bluetech
  5. Five Lines - Asura
  6. Submerged - Carbon Based Lifeforms
  7. Star Peace - The Peaking Goddess Collective
  8. Dissolving Time - H.U.V.A. Network
  9. Oxyd - Aes Dana
  10. Dragons Mist - Desert Dwellers
  11. Parallel Life - The Starseeds
  12. Solar Prayers - Desert Dwellers
  13. Quintessence - Ooze
  14. Skin As Soft As Moonlight - Makyo
  15. Arc-En-Ciel - Drift


Ducks on Electro

This year on the playa I spent more time on the decks than last. My recording setup could have been a little better, but I managed to get some music from Burningman home. This is an electro set with
words, not too tweaky. Enjoy.



Sunrise Coffee Day Two

For several years now the Sunrise Coffee Camp has been across the street from the Duckpond at Burningman. This year I decided to spin some sets for their early morning enjoyment. This set got cut short do to some technical difficulties, but I figured I would share anyway. Enjoy.

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