Flashbuilder 4 Data Services ( ZendAMF / PHP )

Welcome to the brave new world of Flashbuilder 4 (previously known as Flexbuilder). Flashbuilder 4 has some very cool new features; this tutorial is going to cover the PHP portion of the new Data Services tab. Under the hood this feature is using the RemoteObject tag. Remoting is implemented using Action Message Format (AMF). This is a a binary format to move data between Flash and the back end. Flashbuilder uses ZendAMF to get this job done. There are several advantages to using ZendAMF; it works over port 80, its PHP based and best of all it’s FREE. Due to these facts, this framework will run on almost any web server without the need for Java or special port exceptions. This tutorial is going to cover how to set up a Flex project that is integrated with a PHP server, then it will cover how to configure AMF services and finally how to use them.

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