First Break

This is my 1st attempt at spinning breaks. It a bit harder than usual, perhaps this is a gym mix. I think the next mix will be a bit more gentle. Enjoy

  1. Hot Chocolatron - Ben Wa
  2. Micro Drumulator - Debonaire
  3. She Says Ah! feat. Sir Costelho - Bubu
  4. Harness The Nonsense, Elite Force Mix - Daniele Papini
  5. Ready For Your Love, Ed Solo Remix - Deekline & Wizard
  6. 12 Inch Therapy, Keith Mackenzie & DJ Fixx Remix - Robb G
  7. Bounce & Rebound feat. Top Cat & Fallacy, Beat Assassins Remix - Deekline & Wizard
  8. Break Through 2, The Wrongstars Instrumental Remix - Paul Lyman
  9. Superstar, Curtis B Remix - Sue Cho, Heavygrinder
  10. Cali Sk8r, Elite Force Mix - Propellerheads
  11. Girls Speak Louder, Donique Remix (Miles Dyson’s Breaksfest Perth Edit) - Costello
  12. The Mexican KK Re-Rub (master) - Deekline & Tim Healy
  13. Return Of The Wang - Anarchy Rice
  14. Whatever It Takes To Feel Alive - Easy Toys


Honestly, it’s aiiight. Not bad. Besides it’s more of a mix/blend than a bnfaoide remix.  Semantics I guess.  The OG instrumental “Ahzz - New York Movin” was a nice choice.

Posted by Zara on Oct 12, 2012

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