The Last 10% - Metronomes

Everybody has ideas and everybody has a side project. Anyone can tell you their idea, most people can start a project, but its the smaller group who actually finish what they started. This is the group who’s work I appreciate and who I strive to be a part of. Over the course of my life I keep finding that the last 10% of a project is ALWAYS the hardest. Its that last bit of polish and love that is the most tedious. A wise man once told me that you should never talk about a project you are going to build. The mere act of talking about it is creatively rewarding enough to prevent you from starting it. I find that when thinking of projects, I focus on one key portion of the project and loose track of the big picture. Once that key component is complete, my creative mind is onto the next project. The problem is, that the original project is not finished. If you were to put an engine in a frame, sure it’s a car, but it’s not a car you want to drive in the rain and therefore not finished. Using my current project I can illustrate how much of the actual work lies outside the initial core concept.

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